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violinballetmovies said: Hey! I just turned 14 a couple of months ago, just when I started ballet. How long do you think it will take me to go en pointe? Which classes and how many classes would you recommend taking? Thanks! I adore your blog


Going en pointe requires years of training and the feet need to be strong enough. I cannot access the strength of your feet however I recommend asking your teacher. I know of someone who started when they were 13 and they started pointe work because they worked hard to get their feet strong enough. I recommend doing ankle strengthening exercises such as using a theraband as resistance training e.g putting the ball of your foot on the band, leg straight and hands holding each end of the band and simply pointing your feet and flexing it against the band

I also rise up from feet flat to demi-pointe and then doing rises only on one foot.

There are many websites and youtube videos on how to strengthen feet such as the ones bellow:

http: //

As for how many classes to take, I would say a minimum of 3 ballet classes a week because in RAD ballet intermediate foundation students (or grade6) have to take this amount to be able to do the exam. Perhaps extra classes for strengthening, limbering etc (if they offer it)

Please do ask your teacher first because if they are a good teacher, they’d see whether you are ready because if you aren’t, then pointe could have severe implementations i.e injuries. The teacher should take on your aim to go en pointe and should help you to achieve that goal. 

Feel free to ask more questions :)

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